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PP's Lounge, The Real Story


Pamela Poole is a multi faceted woman whose need to express her many creative urges manifested itself in a vision that led to PP's Lounge.  Her profound love of music began as a child sitting in front of her record player listening to her treasured 45's over and over again; leading her to develop an ear for harmonies and complex musical structures, attributes invaluable to a professional musician, but that’s another story.


Her affinity for music shaped her vision to create a space to honor music along with all the elements of music that evoke every emotion we experience.  The organic nature of live performance led her to transform her basement into a first class lounge with a fully equipped state of the art stage with lighting and a sound system to rival a venue such as Blues Alley. 


After spending many hours in front of her iPad searching and comparing she came up with a plan to make her dream a reality.  Her first order of business was to deconstruct her already fabulous basement.  Away went the pool table, down came the wall paintings, up came yards and yards of carpeting and gone were the movie theatre lounge seats.  Thus began her endless quest for knowledge, via YouTube.  She learned the art of tiling a floor, hanging cabinets, installing stage lighting, wiring a sound stage and many more skills.  


Each day was devoted to the vision. Each second the sound of the band playing, the laughter and conversation became less distant.  It was so close and she smiled and smiled.  Her vision was realized. 


Lights, stage, camera, action!  PP’s Lounge is now open for your enjoyment!

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